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At Life Paths, we are committed to community and work to create spaces for scholars and advocates to gather and work toward our joint mission of reducing the burden of trauma.

To that end, we have several ongoing opportunities for engagement, sharing, and communication. These include our Mindful Writing Groups, our free listserv ResComm, and our Webchat series. Joining ResComm is the best way to keep up with other opportunities as they arise.


ResComm is a listserv for the community of resilience professionals. ResComm welcomes posts on all topics related to resilience, including strengths, social justice, other protective factors, adversity, prevention, intervention, and information on programs and program evaluations related to these issues. You can also ask questions, look for collaborators, or make announcements that might be of interest. We also welcome posts sharing news of the community of professionals who are devoted to reducing the burden of trauma and opportunities that may be of interest to this community.

If you have a Google account, ResComm can be reached at Google Groups via this link:

If you do not have a Google account, a ResComm subscription will be provided by sending an email with “Subscribe” in the subject line to

All posts must abide by the Inclusiveness Policy of Life Paths Research Center:

We would be glad to have you join our community and hope you will find it helpful.


In these “webchats” (not just a webinar), we will host some of our favorite thinkers and activists, who will be interviewed by a panel of colleagues and students. These promise to be wide—ranging discussions of research, practice, and professional development. The panelists are encouraged to develop questions on any topic related to our guest expert’s knowledge and professional experience.

The webchats are offered at no cost, but we encourage donations to support the work of Life Paths to reduce the burden of trauma, promote thriving, and help us sustain staff hours during the pandemic.

Links to upcoming web chats will be available prior to the chat.

Mindful Monday Writing Group

The purpose of the Mindful Monday Writing group is to help you work on your writing an important task, but one that often feels less urgent than all emails, meetings, and other demands. A classic “nudge” for this dilemma is to schedule some writing time on your calendar.

The mindful writing group offers a bonus on top of that–a chance to enjoy fellowship with scholars with similar interests and to take a few minutes to practice mindfulness in community.

The 2-hour group begins with a check-in, where each person shares a writing and a mindfulness goal, followed by a brief mindfulness exercise. Then, 90 minutes of writing time, followed by a checkout and another brief mindfulness session to send you on in a good way.

We welcome first-timers as well as regulars.

Times are:
12:00 – 2:00 Pacific
1:00 – 3:00 Mountain
2:00 – 4:00 Central
3:00 – 5:00 Eastern

The Zoom link is:

(Note to regulars: the link has changed!)

Hope to see you there!