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Guidelines for Presenters and Moderators

ResilienceCon Coaching Session Information

**We updated our Guidelines for Session Hosts and Interviewers for Interview-Based Sessions for ResilienceCon 2024. Be sure to review the updated guidelines below!
Thinking about attending ResilienceCon 2024? See below for an idea of what to expect for presentations!
Below are guidelines and examples of how each type of session will run at ResilienceCon.
We are committed to improving the typical conference approach and have created a schedule which provides more opportunities for discussion. Please review the relevant guidelines and examples for your presentation type to ensure the best experience for you and other conference attendees.

Tips for everyone:

Actors rehearse and you should too! Even the most experienced actor would not give a cold performance with no rehearsal.
Be sure to arrive before the start of your session and make sure there is time for you and your co-presenters to load all presentations before the session starts.

Poster Guidelines:

Mike Morrison of Michigan State University designed a new format for posters that emphasizes fewer paragraphs of text and more targeted information for quick perusal. Though not required for ResilienceCon, if you are looking to try something different for your poster, watch his YouTube video here.

One of our co-chairs, Nicole Yuan, and her co-authors recently tried this new poster format at the American Public Health Association (APHA) 2019 conference.

“I [used] the Better Poster template for my poster for the Annual Meeting for the American Public Health Association. I was surprised how easy it was, and how much I liked the end result. I like how all the typical text is placed in the left column, and all the tables and graphs are in the right column, and that the middle is for your “take home” message/finding. You can still fit most of the content that you want, but the display is more engaging.” – Nicole Yuan, University of Arizona

A low-cost alternative to getting your poster printed on paper is printing it on fabric. Fabric printing makes it easier to transport as well!  Here’s one example of a business that offers this (no affiliation with Life Paths).

Poster Data Blitz Guidelines:

Guidelines for Session Hosts and Presenters for Interview-Based Sessions (20 x 20, Perspectives, and Hot Topics breakout sessions):

20 x 20 Presentations:


Hot Topics:

Other Guidelines: