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Fei Pei

An Asian woman smiling with long, black hair, wearing a burgundy shirt and sitting at a wooden desk with a keyboard in front of her.

Fei Pei Ph.D., MSW is a tenure-track assistant professor of social work in the Falk College, Syracuse University. Prior to joining Syracuse University, Fei was a Ph.D. candidate at the Ohio State University College of Social Work where she also served as a graduate instructor and research assistant, teaching research methods, lifespan development, and social welfare.

The overarching goal of Fei’s research is to promote healthy development among vulnerable children, including maltreated and immigrant youths by identifying neighborhood disparities. In particular, her research focuses on community health and child development. Her research has been acknowledged and funded by various institutions and scholarships such as the 2021 Merriss Cornell Distinguished Researcher Award, 2019 Kempe Interdisciplinary Summer Research Institute, and Seed Funding for 2016 Clinton Global Initiative University.