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Rosaura Gonzalez Mendez

A Spanish woman softly smiling with brown hair, wearing a gray blouse, and standing in front of a forest.

Rosaura Gonzalez-Mendez, Ph.D. (she/her) is an Associate Professor in Psychology at the Universidad de La Laguna, Spain. Her research has been especially oriented toward studying teen dating violence and other forms of violence in which young people are involved. As a social psychologist, she is interested in how the adolescent relationship context relates to dating violence and re-victimization. In this sense, she has also studied dating violence in young female offenders and women. Because of her postgraduate teaching, she is especially interested in promotion of healthy dating relationships, and preventing dating violence and other adolescent problems. From this, she has developed an interest in studying resilience, and hopes to learn more about it here during her time at Life Paths and incorporate it into her future research. She is a mentor of doctoral students, and a member of committees to evaluate doctoral students’ dissertations applying for international distinction. She has been the principal investigator of different research projects in Spain, presenting her scientific production regularly in different international journals.