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Strengths Associated with Resilience

Read about our new study,
Strengths Associated with Resilience.

Strengths Associated with Resilience
A research study launched in October 2024.

Dr. Sherry Hamby and Dr. Victoria Banyard, in partnership with the VIA Institute on Character, are conducting a study to learn more about what helps people thrive after adversity. These questions are intended to examine how strengths of character and other resources help with stressful things in childhood and other aspects of well-being.

The strengths of character include the 24 strengths in 6 categories from the VIA Character Strengths Inventory (descriptions from the VIA Institute):

Demographics. We are using the standard VIA Institute demographic questionnaire, which includes age, race, gender, highest level of education, marital status, number of children, zip code, income, disability status, homelessness, veteran status, employment status, occupation (if employed), and country of location at the time of the survey.

Adversities. We ask these questions to learn about what kinds of experiences people might be trying to overcome.
Childhood adversities: 8 items on difficult experiences during childhood, including bullying and family dysfunction.
Institutional adversities: 4 items on negative experiences with professionals or institutions.

Current functioning.
Health-related quality of life: 4 items on physical wellbeing.
Subjective wellbeing: 4 items on psychological quality of life.
Posttraumatic growth: 4 items on positive life changes after adversity.

We hope to identify which of the character strengths or other strengths (sense of purpose, etc.) most help people thrive after adversity.

If you would like to learn more about the study or ask for permission to use our items in your research, please email Dr. Sherry Hamby at